Welcome to the Kitsoonay Family

Wondering what you stand to gain by holding the $KITS tokens and basking in its incredible features, fasten your seatbelt and get ready for the ride of a lifetime.

Enter Presale

Cross-chain bridge

Have you ever wanted to send tokens from one network to the other in a safe environment? Well, you are in the right spot.

Incredible Rewards

Kitsoonay is the home of incredible rewards, as users can benefit from numerous perks by carrying out activities like providing liquidity, visiting the university, staking, and much more.

Kitsoonay University

Kitsoonay is developing a Blockchain University, where you can learn, advance your skills and earn NFTs based on the tier.

Token Swap

Ever wanted to swap tokens on multiple networks without stress? Check the Kitsoonay Token Swap.

Token Appreciation Scheme

With the Kitsoonay token appreciation scheme, crypto enthusiasts can earn returns from carrying out different activities.